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| the start | 11.6.2022 |

Ep. 1 - the start.

Hey. OH. Hey! You’re here.

I didn’t think you were coming. It’s really great to see you. Well. I mean, to know that you came by to read this thing. That’s pretty nice and neat. I’m flattered.

SO… here we are. At the start of this whole thing. 

I may, or may not, have a few sets of photos to edit. 

I may or may not have decided to make soup from scratch at noon In an attempt to avoid sorting the photos that I have finally uploaded to the hard hard. 

but alas, finding the motivation to be human person who does the things she’s said she would do without stressing herself out again because she should have done them another night this week but the ADHD hit too hard, Is now alluding me yet again. 

at least I uploaded them. 

at least I have them sorted In their folders. 

at least they’re uploaded to Lightroom. 

at least I sorted through 10 before the ADHD brain decided to explore the capabilities that are this blog on the website host. 

at least.

thanks for stopping by for some mental dribble. I promise to be better about this but while I have every Intention of making this a habit, we all know that I won’t be able to do that consistently. 

so thanks for sticking through this already. I appreciate It.

feel free to check out the gram. the stories though. thats the only part I update. oops.

you can come here for more mental dribble. but sometimes I might update It with life stuff.

not often but It could happen. weirder things have.

ok. thats all I’ve got.

much love y’all.


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